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Sai Tents & Exports
Plot No. 107,
Adjoining Shantikunj Apartments,
Near Asola Bandh Road, Fatehpur Beri,
New Delhi - 110074, India

Mobile: +91-9811377681


Sai Tents & Exports is capable to supply a huge amount of emergency Relief Tents in case of any natural calamity or other charitable events at any place. We also promise to reach our shipment as fast as required. Our emergency relief tents are made keeping in mind the weather condition and ground condition of natural calamity area so that these can be pitched easily to provide the maximum accommodation to the victims. Generally we provide four to six doors to these tents to ensure proper ventilation and spacious floor area with sufficient height. Basically, these tents are meant for the relief work during calamities.

Similarly, Sai Tents & Exports also make disaster relief tents having four to six doors for good ventilation. We provide an option of door covers which can be pulled out to have a porch at the door openings. Inner space of tents is divided with fabrics to create private area. Special care is given that tent is not punctured or cut to avoid the leakage of rain water. Disaster relief tents can be defined as the general service tents, which care the easiest and quickest in making shift accommodation for the relief sites. The materials used in the construction of these tents are chosen and combined to perform at optimum strength to cost.

Single fly relief tents
Size Wall height Centre height
3m/3m/1.8om/0.90m 0.90m 2m
3m/4m/1.8om/0.90m 0.90m 2m
4m/4m/1.8om/0.90m 0.90m 2m
Double fly relief tents
Size Wall height Centre height
3m/3m/2m/0.90m 0.90m 2.15m
3m/4m/2m/0.90m 0.90m 2.15m
4m/4m/2m/0.90m 0.90m 2.15m
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STE-40 Relief Tent Single Fly

-42 Relief Tent attach Ground Sheet


STE-43 Sahara Tent

STE-45 Hospital & School Tent

 Resort Tent
 Camping Tent
  Traditional Tent
  Relief Tent
  Frame Tent/Army Tent
  Luxury Wooden Cottage
 Display Canopy
 Marquee Tent
  Exhibition & Conference Tent
 Garden Canopy
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