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Sai Tents & Exports
Plot No. 107,
Adjoining Shantikunj Apartments,
Near Asola Bandh Road, Fatehpur Beri,
New Delhi - 110074, India

Mobile: +91-9811377681


Marquee Tent for Eventful Celebration and Ceremonial Occasions

Decent Designer Exhibition and Marquee tents to appeal visitors

For any kind of activities and occasions, Sai Tents and Exports have the best collection of Exhibition and Marquee Tents. Whether itís a corporate event or wedding ceremony or any mass gathering, we have arrangement of all kinds of tents which can provide you a great venue for organizing your events in the best ambience. The tents provided by us are very light weight, Water repellent and suitable for all kinds of events. Being spacious they can be used in multipurpose ways like for sales purposes or Garages or even for warehousing facilities. Best furnished fabric leveraged with winsome colors is our specialty to make your event a blissful moment for you. Your each requirement is finely met by our skilled man power which assures you the most perfect quality as desired by you. The tents manufacture by us includes the widest variety of the all available anywhere else. It includes Farmhouse Tents, Round Tents, Cabin Tents, Circus Tents, Family Tents, Hunting Tents, Mess Tents, Mountain Tents, Pet Tents, Screen Tents, Singly Pole Tents, Winter Tents, Ridge Tents, Disaster Relief Tents, Beach tents, Hotel/Restaurant Tent, Vehicle tents, Tent interiors.
The extraordinary workmanship is not just confined to the manufacturing part but also to the delivery of the product as far as the quality and prices are concerned.

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STE-26 Marquee Tent

STE-27 Raj Tent


STE-28 Marquee Tent Inner View

STE-29 Tent for Dinning


STE-31 Frame Tent Outer View (1)

STE-31 Frame Tent Outer View


STE-32 Dinning Tent Inner View

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