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Sai Tents & Exports
Plot No. 107,
Adjoining Shantikunj Apartments,
Near Asola Bandh Road, Fatehpur Beri,
New Delhi - 110074, India

Mobile: +91-9811377681


Canvas is 100% cotton and it is predictable to everyone that fabric made from cotton is always shrinks to some extents. You should expect your tent to be smaller after the tent has been preconditioned. After years of experience with fabrics, it could not be feasible to measure the exact amount of shrinkage of cotton, thus, all tents made from natural fibres, like cotton, will shrink and this will affect the measurements of the tent and finished size.

Although, comical treatment is given to make the fabric fire-proof, yet there is possibility to catch the fire when flame source contact it directly. All possible measures should be applied to reduce the chances of fire incident by the users.

We cannot challenge to the nature. High intensity of winds can cause to damage the tents and frames. Precautionary measure may be taken into consideration while using all the stakes and ropes provided, even using a freestanding frame. Regular checking of stakes and tightening the ropes be ensured if they loosen during the period of high winds.

It will be in the interest of user to pay proper care and ideal use of tent, which will certainly enhance the life of tent for many seasons.

 Resort Tent
 Camping Tent
  Traditional Tent
  Relief Tent
  Frame Tent/Army Tent
  Luxury Wooden Cottage
 Display Canopy
 Marquee Tent
  Exhibition & Conference Tent
 Garden Canopy
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